Start-up & Commissioning

System Initialization and Commissioning

Automation Logistics Corporation takes pride in offering start-up aid and commissioning solutions crafted to optimize project expenses.

Supported by our team of expert system commissioning specialists, we alleviate time constraints by providing adept guidance during initiation and troubleshooting phases. Whether it's a Greenfield project, retrofitting endeavor, or modernization of existing systems, our commissioning team ensures alignment with end-users' system expectations, keeping projects on track.

The commissioning process seamlessly follows the completion of tasks by our installation and assembly teams, ensuring a smooth transition. Our thorough understanding of equipment and system wiring expedites troubleshooting, resulting in cost efficiencies for the project.

For many years, Automation Logistics Corporation has delivered exceptional start-up support and commissioning services both domestically and internationally. Our commitment to excellence ensures the successful realization of your project, consistently exceeding expectations at every turn.

Start-up Aid & Commissioning:

  • Electrical Testing
  • Visual Inspection of All Connected Components
  • Commissioning of Power Supply and PLC Start-up
  • Validation of Individual Connections as per Electrical System Blueprints
  • Verification of 24V System Supply
  • Initial Testing
  • Bus Connectivity Testing
  • Post Program Loading, Commissioning of Specific Machine Zones
  • Assessment of Sequencing, Rotational Speeds, and Precise Adjustments