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Installation & Assembly Services for the Automation Industry

When it comes to all things automation, including the installation and assembly of automated warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution centers, Automation Logistics is your trusted partner.

Electrical Installation

Automation Systems Electrical Installation Services

Mechanical Assembly

Mechanical Assembly Services geared to the automation industry

Start-up Support & Commissioning

Alleviate deadline constraints with start-up support and commissioning

Project Management

Bridging the gap between your technology and Construction Restraints

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Automation Logistics Corporation

Why go through the hassle of managing various companies when Automation Logistics Corporation (ALC) can take care of everything? From assembly to installation, we provide a comprehensive solution, streamlining processes seamlessly. Whether it's a Greenfield project, retrofitting, or upgrading existing systems, our dedicated team ensures your project progresses smoothly and meets the most stringent end-user standards. We place utmost importance on customer service and continuous enhancement, striving to foster a culture of excellence. With Project Managers stationed both in the office and onsite during crucial project phases, our customer-centric and service-oriented approach distinguishes us from the rest.

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Global Expertise in Automation Installation

Welcome to, where we are your Reliable Partner, OFFERING SOLUTIONS - WITHOUT QUESTION. Explore our website for a diverse array of products and services designed specifically for the automated material handling sector. With our wealth of experience in automation-driven assembly and installation services, Automation Logistics Corporation stands ready to be your trusted collaborator.

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